Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Verfiy Your Online Payment Accounts (Alertpay,Paypal,Moneybookers)

I understand its hard now a days to verify online payment account, so i can espcially assist you with this issue and help you out to verify your accounts verified, the benefits of verified accounts are unlimited for e.g you can easily send money to friends,family or online shopping, recieve money with more secure way. So verfiy your alertpay,paypal,moneybookers etc accounts here with economical and cheaper price, You need Virtual Credit Card (Vcc) to verfiy accounts which i provide to you, the prices of Vcc's Are:

AlertPay Logo-Acceptance

AlertPay Acceptance Logo

Alertpay Verification By Vcc For Only $10

Paypal Verification By Vcc For Only $11

Moneybookers Verification By Vcc For Only $10

One Payment Have Made,I Will Give You Vcc For Your Desired Online Payment Account Within 24 hours so dont wait request Vcc to verify accounts Today.

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Email: hilalpaki@gmail.com

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Payment Options:

Alertpay, Paypal Only (Contact me to ask my alertpay,paypal ids for payment)

For Pakistani users:

Alertpay,Paypal, Easypaisa Money Tranfer

(Contact me to ask my alertpay,paypal ids for payment)

About Virtual Credit Cards(VCC).
Well as i said i am not going to cover much about virtual credit cards here , but i thought i should discuss the issues that are only related to finding VCC here , You can find virutal credit card easily. Yes we sell VCC , Our rates of VCC can be found on this site. We also allow discount on bulk purchases. And we accept payment via Alertpay ,Paypal even your account unverify so you don't need to worry about sending payment to us , unlike foreign sellers.
After Verification, Some suggestions.
Now you can use your account without limits , but you need to keeps a few things in mind. I will list them one by one.
Don't use any proxy to open your account. Use your regular internet connection , that you used to register the account.
Some people might argue that , paypal don't operate in Pakistan and they will limit the account if opened from Pakistani IP.
Well my reply to that is , paypal can't do that , they use to operate globally. what if i live in UAE and travel to pakistan and try to access my account? Should they block my account? why, because I traveled to Pakistan? Well.. this is not going to make in any sense. All have have to do is don't use any proxy , use your regular connection , Clear your cookies before you open your account.
When paying money , ensure that the receiver is trusted. Believe me you might limit your account if you deal with with a scammer. How? i am not going to explain that. lets move further.... don't open a claim ...... never. Yeah , if you open a claim paypal staff may check your account personally and may limit your account and ask for additional identity verification.
Some of you may ask here what is that "Claim"? , claim is some thing that paypal offers to protect its buyers from scam.
If you don't receive the goods after you have paid , you can claim for the refund of the money. Paypal will open a case for you to get your money back , that's called Claim.
And the most important thing.......... Don't accept payment from untrusted source. If a scammer sends you a payment from a hacked account , its most likely that you are going to get your account limited.
Some of you may still be thinking what is that "Account Limited"? , i am sorry i should have explained earlier, In a nutshell limited account means you can not send the money you have in your account.
I have already told you the major tips to avoid Account limitation. And i would like to add one more thing from my experience , After you have verified your account try not receive/send the money for atleast 48 hours , yes about 2 days. Leave the account as it is. You can find some more tips here too. But all these are tips , paypal may still limit your account with apparently no reason.
Ok , thats enough for verification

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